Connection of colour and nutrition content of strawberry varieties

Márkné Deák, Szilvia (deaksz – Füleky, György (fuleky
1 National Institute for Agricultural Quality Control
2 Szent István University of Gödöllő

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The optimal nutrition conditions of plants makes their leaf colour typically green, or different shades of the green colour. At strawberry varieties the green colour spans from the yellowish green to the dark bluish green, depending on the variety. At non-satisfactory conditions the different varieties do not produce their genetic colour shade. The non-optimal nutrient condition makes the leaves yellow or antocianin red (for example at phosphorus deficiency), the Fe-deficiency makes the leaves whites yellow. We measured the leaf colour of 8 different strawberry varieties with a MINOLTA CR-200 colorimeter. For determination the colour we used the "L* a* b*" colour system. L* is the lightning parameter (small value at the dark colours, big values at the light colours), a* is between the green and red (-60-+60), b* is between the blue and yellow colours. After the colour measuring we determinated the N, P, K, Fe, and Cu content of the leaves.

- because of the too high nutrient content, the plants grown weak,
- the yellow and yellowish green colours show the growth problems,
- the more watering can help a bit,
- between the nutrient content and the colour values we did not found significant correlation,
- the leaf colour measuring can help in distinguishing the varieties.

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